An Introduction

Chase de Languillette is a Flash/Rails/C++/iPhoney programmer living in the world today. He has shipped numerous videogames over the past few years. He has worked on medium and small-sized teams, but really he just prefers whichever situation affords him the most creative freedom. He could talk for hours about life changing moments in videogames, if you let him.

Please enjoy yourself and be kind to all things.


Simple seeds

over {{count}} years ago • 27566 Comments

Random number generators are really cool, but if you ever use them, you probably know it's difficult to remember which seed numbers are good, making them very difficult to share.

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Dun-Gen demo revamp

about {{count}} years ago • 4003 Comments


In an effort to polish up some of the work here, I have made a pass at making the dungeon generator more presentable!

I have added a few controls that should let you generate new random maps on the fly! There are currently five different map types you can cycle between, including 'streets', 'caves', and 'mystery dungeon'!

Feel free to check it out

You have voice, use it

about {{count}} years ago • 26891 Comments

Comments should now work! I'm going to be polishing up the look of it eventually, but the functionality is (mostly) there. It just needs some nice validation handling and it's all set. Enjoy!